Integral web system and mobile application for the signing and management of workers in companies. Our own solution allows an agile and reliable control of the whole process of signing allow the workers the management of his labor schedule, contract and the management of the holidays and the absences.
Web system and mobile application for creating tasks so you can control the time spent on each task.
Comprehensive business management system, budgets, work order management as well as submission to a delivery note system automatically.
Everything you may need to manage the control of your company's work in a single application, available in both web and mobile versions.

Web application and Mobile App

Easy implementation and guaranteed security

Its simple structure will allow you a custom configuration without technical help. We guarantee maximum security and data protection for both your company and all your employees.

Complies with new legislation in force

Adjust to new decree law 8/2019, which came into force in May 2019, with the registration of the working day of all your staff and avoids penalties ranging from € 626 to € 6,250.

We guarantee transparency between the worker and the company

It provides you with real-time inputs and outputs from your employees. The worker will be able to easily consult any issue related to their working hours, from their daily signing and holiday planning to public holidays and information regarding the agreement that governs the company.


Face-to-face or remote

The MyProductium app allows you to set up both from the office and from anywhere else via a mobile device.

With or without internet

The data is saved automatically if the device does not have internet access at the time of signing. You can download them when the connection is re-established.

Hour control

Allows you to control the total number of hours worked, overtime, absences (whether justified or not), among other options, for each of your employees. The employee will also have access to it.


View and export all recorded data to Excel. It allows you to get very detailed reports and filter multiple fields for further analysis.

Real-time tracking

You can know, in real time, which workers are in your workplace and which are not.


Register workers with their details and working hours.

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