Work Attendance Control for Companies, Self-Employed Workers and Shops



Face-to-face or remote

The MyProductium app allows you to set up both from the office and from anywhere else via a mobile device.

Localized entrances and exits

Controls the entry and exit of workers and the place from where the registrations were made.

With or without internet

The data is saved automatically if the device does not have internet access at the time of signing. You can download them when the connection is re-established.

Time control

Hour control

Allows you to control the total number of hours worked, overtime, absences (whether justified or not), among other options, for each of your employees. The employee will also have access to it.

Source and edition of the signings

Check where the workers signings were made (file, mobile app or web) and if the record has been edited.


View and export all recorded data to Excel. It allows you to get very detailed reports and filter multiple fields for further analysis.

Work and holiday calendar

Company work schedule

Set up the company’s annual calendar with the corresponding holidays and workdays.


Customize vacation days based on the company’s closing holidays and those for each employee based on their contract. Days that the company does not allow for vacation may also be restricted.

Request a vacation

Employees can request vacation days through the web application. The administrator can approve or deny them after receiving the corresponding notification.

Absence management


It configures the various types of absences and manages the leave, leave and absenteeism that affects each worker.

Real-time tracking

You can know, in real time, which workers are in your workplace and which are not.


The application allows you to extract lists according to the type of absence, by worker or global of the whole company. Easily export all this data to an excel file.

HR management


Register workers with their details and working hours.

Contracts and agreements

Manages workers contracts and attaches agreements.


The application also allows you to classify workers by categories.

Document manager

Manage and store employee documentation in a single space in an organized and secure way.
The document manager allows the company to upload certain documents to different employees.

Document management for your business will be secure and secure
When the company is ready to upload a document, choose the type of document, a worker and finally will have to enter the company pin in order to add the document securely.
The worker will have a personal pin to decrypt it in order to access the document.
Creating Document Types
Different types of documents can be configured and assigned an expiration date if applicable.
Download documents from the app
With the mobile application, the worker can view their documents and download them to their device.