Work Attendance Control

MyProductium is a comprehensive solution for labor management, ideal for companies, freelancers, and stores. It offers advanced features such as presence control, absence management, and HR tools. Improve your labor management efficiently and personalized with MyProductium.


Pots fitxar des de l'oficina o a distància.

Face-to-face or remote

The MyProductium application offers the flexibility of clocking in from the office or remotely, using any mobile device, facilitating the management of working time.

Localized entrances and exits

Controls the entry and exit of workers and the place from where the registrations were made.

With or without internet

The data is automatically saved if the device does not have internet access at the time of clocking in. You can download them when the connection is restored.

Time control

Facilita el seguiment del total d'hores treballades.

Hour control

Hour Control facilitates the monitoring of total hours worked, including extreme hours and absences, with additional options for each worker, and incorporates hourly management for labor flexibility.

Source and edition of the signings

Check where the workers signings were made (file, mobile app or web) and if the record has been edited.


View and export all recorded data to Excel. It allows you to get very detailed reports and filter multiple fields for further analysis.

Work and holiday calendar

Calendari control de horari treballadors.

Company work schedule

Set up the company’s annual calendar with the corresponding holidays and workdays.


Customize vacation days based on the company’s closing holidays and those for each employee based on their contract. Days that the company does not allow for vacation may also be restricted.

Request a vacation

Employees can request vacation days through the web application. The administrator can approve or deny them after receiving the corresponding notification.

Absence management

Control de absències dies de feina.


It configures the various types of absences and manages the leave, leave and absenteeism that affects each worker.

Real-time tracking

The real-time tracking service offers a complete view of the staff distribution, allowing to know exactly which workers are at their workplace.


The application allows you to extract lists according to the type of absence, by worker or global of the whole company. Easily export all this data to an excel file.

HR management

Gestiona els teus treballadors.


Register the workers of your company with their personal data, contact information, and define their detailed work schedule for efficient management.

Contracts and agreements

Manages workers contracts and attaches agreements.


The application also allows you to classify workers by categories.

Document manager

La teva empresa segura i protegida

Per pujar un document, l'empresa selecciona el tipus, assigna un treballador i introdueix el pin d'empresa. El treballador accedeix al document amb un pin personal.

Creació de tipus de documents

Es poden configurar diferents tipus de documents i a aquests assignar-lis una data d'expiració si escau.

Descarrega documents desde l'app

Amb l'aplicació móvil, el treballador pot visualitzar els seus documents i pot descarregar-los al seu dispositiu.

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