Task control for companies, freelancers and shops

MyProductium Tasks is your solution for labor task management, expanding the functionalities of MyProductium. Ideal for both companies, freelancers, and stores, this tool integrates presence control, absence management, and powerful HR tools, adding the ability to create and manage tasks efficiently.

Creating or controlling tasks

Software fitxar treballadors i tasques.


Allows you to customize the tasks to be performed and assign them to an employee.

Hour control

Controls the start and end times of each task and the location of logs.


Control the tasks performed and the hours spent on each of them by extracting reports that also allow you to filter by type of task.

HR management

RRHH amb el sistema de control presencial.


Register the workers of your company with their personal data, contact information, and define their detailed work schedule for efficient management.


Assign workers to a "CAP" user so that he can take control of the assigned workers.


The application also allows you to classify workers by categories.


Crea i controla les tasques.


Allows you to customize task types and assign them to different user groups.


Creating default tasks in a task group.


Detailed report of task types with assigned subtasks. Import pdf with QR code for each of them.

Document manager

La teva empresa segura i protegida

Per pujar un document, l'empresa selecciona el tipus, assigna un treballador i introdueix el pin d'empresa. El treballador accedeix al document amb un pin personal.

Creació de tipus de documents

Es poden configurar diferents tipus de documents i a aquests assignar-lis una data d'expiració si escau.

Descarrega documents desde l'app

Amb l'aplicació móvil, el treballador pot visualitzar els seus documents i pot descarregar-los al seu dispositiu.

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