Task control for companies, freelancers and shops


Creating or controlling tasks


Allows you to customize the tasks to be performed and assign them to an employee.

Hour control

Controls the start and end times of each task and the location of logs.


Control the tasks performed and the hours spent on each of them by extracting reports that also allow you to filter by type of task.

HR management


Register workers with their details and working hours.


Assign workers to a "CAP" user so that he can take control of the assigned workers.


The application also allows you to classify workers by categories.



Allows you to customize task types and assign them to different user groups.


Creating default tasks in a task group.


Detailed report of task types with assigned subtasks. Import pdf with QR code for each of them.

Document manager

Manage and store employee documentation in a single space in an organized and secure way.
The document manager allows the company to upload certain documents to different employees.

Document management for your business will be secure and secure
When the company is ready to upload a document, choose the type of document, a worker and finally will have to enter the company pin in order to add the document securely.
The worker will have a personal pin to decrypt it in order to access the document.
Creating Document Types
Different types of documents can be configured and assigned an expiration date if applicable.
Download documents from the app
With the mobile application, the worker can view their documents and download them to their device.