Control of the production process for Companies, Freelancers and Stores


Work Scheduling

Work Scheduling

Create work orders for each budget.

Job Control

Analyze different jobs where job order tasks are performed.

Task Management

Allows you to control the tasks of each work order.


Save the key documentation of each work order to the same platform.

Budget Management


Create all budgets in the same format up to a centralized platform. Thus increasing productivity and controlling the traceability of the production process

Create Games

Through database articles or with manually entered references.

Schedule Calendar

Allows you to schedule work dates on which work orders will need to be placed, indicating start time and end time.

HR Management


Allows planning of workers work week.


Automatic import of workers through myproductium labor.

Work Centers

create, manage and assign workers to different workplaces from a single point.

Reports and incidents

Data Analysis

From the data we have recorded, prepare reports on the control of the production process from the preparation of the budget to its closing.

Incident Management

Simply record incidents detected by both employees and customer complaints, assigning them to each budget.

Other features


Allows group work orders in a budget to send data to an external program (if applicable) and generate delivery notes with it.


Workers have an app to view all the commands they have to perform as well as the tasks, allowing them to be marked when they are finished and to mark the start and end timers of the work.

Import data

Apart from entering the data of workers, articles, etc ... manually, it is ready to import this data when the company has its own system.

Document manager

Manage and store employee documentation in a single space in an organized and secure way.
The document manager allows the company to upload certain documents to different employees.

Document management for your business will be secure and secure
When the company is ready to upload a document, choose the type of document, a worker and finally will have to enter the company pin in order to add the document securely.
The worker will have a personal pin to decrypt it in order to access the document.
Creating Document Types
Different types of documents can be configured and assigned an expiration date if applicable.
Download documents from the app
With the mobile application, the worker can view their documents and download them to their device.